Sunday, June 16, 2013


There are few things that I have loved more in my life than a skateboard. Hours, days and years spent trying to land a trick simply for that feel of the "make" and the steady flow of hard earned progression. That single-minded purpose applies to strength training as well. As Pavel says,  "strength is a skill." Striving toward a 500 pound deadlift takes the same amount of patience and practice as landing your first 360 flip on a board. Skaters and students of strength are always trying to dial in their technique. The big difference between lifting and skateboarding is that you can only try that maximal lift a handful of times a year, while you can try that tre-flip over and over. Enter Gus and Karen Petersen's K.A.T. Kettlebell Juggling Workshop. What makes KB juggling great and so similar to my time on a board is that you can keep trying to land the move. Whether it's a frontside flip on a skateboard or a "phatboy" (double rotation front flip) with a bell, you can keep at it. The K.A.T. system also reminds me of Primal Move in that it feels like you're playing the whole time. You don't realize how much work you've put in until you stop. We all left this workshop spent and smiling. 

I know what you're thinking... kettlebell juggling is crazy... you'll kill yourself. I heard a lot of that leading up to this workshop. Then you get there and within 30 minutes Gus and Karen have you flipping bells with your eyes closed. Literally with your eyes closed. Gus has created such an amazing series of progressions that all apprehension dissipates immediately. One simply trusts in Gus and soon themselves. Everyone performed beyond their expectations.
I'll wrap this up with a few words about Gus "The Zen Viking" Petersen. Gus is a solid and honest guy. His passion for the K.A.T. system is infectious.  His skill level will impress the hell out of you. You can literally hear the kettlebell spinning in Gus' hands before he grabs it during a double heli (720 degree horizontally rotating spin). Someone from a previous workshop dubbed Gus as having "magnet hands." It's a thing of beauty. 
Gus and Karen are busy keeping this show on the road. This is a workshop that should not be missed. Kettlebell juggling is fun, exciting and challenging. The level of athleticism and coordination required is intense. Just like skating. It's also a damn good time to hang out with good friends, like Matt Flaherty and Ari Harris, and try to land tricks together. Just like skating. You can look for future K.A.T. workshop dates or purchase his instructional DVD series here:

-Fury out. 

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