Wednesday, June 22, 2011


RKC II is two weeks away. I had the 44kg press down a month ago but a CK-FMS screening revealed some shoulder issues that needed to be worked out. I was given some corrective exercises and was told not to put anything overhead until I was re-screened. The issue was corrected in just under two weeks. My range of motion in the right shoulder is much better now. The unexpected factor was needing to relearn how to heavy press. I had been using the tightness in my right shoulder to press off of. With that range limiting tightness gone, I had to reconnect the way I brought my lat into the press. Two weeks later and the above is the result. The 44kg press is getting more consistent. The bonus is that I don't have the soreness and same level of fatigue after each press. It's very unlikely that I'll make the Beast Tamer now. That's disappointing. The good news is that I'm now able to lift better and more safely.