Friday, December 20, 2013


I took my kids to the playground after school today. Dogs weren't allowed in, so Marty Feldman (my French Bulldog) and I watched them from the gate. The slide was their obstacle of choice. Being stuck behind the gate gave me a new perspective on what was going down in the playground. 

I was viewing a living demo of strength and athletic progression. In the book ORIGINAL STRENGTH by Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert, they speak about the innate strength program that's hardwired into our DNA. We start with breathing, then holding our head up, rolling, rocking, crawling and then walking. Babies don't realize they're training or "working their core." They all just do it. These movements lead to states of play. It's amazing how much physical effort goes into playtime. It's fun so we keep pushing.

This is what our kids do daily when they play. They push themselves and have a blast doing so. Let's go back to the slide. 

For 10 minutes, the dog and I watched my kids progress their slide mastery. Each of them was trying to outdo the other. 
1. Walk up the stairs. Slide down the slide. 
2. Crawl up the slide. Slide down. 
3. Run up the slide. Slide down.
4. Slide down backwards.
5. Slide down sitting up.
6. Run up and down the slide. 
7. Slide down with legs hanging off the side. 
8. Slide down with legs crossed.... 

The session kept going until Buzzkill Fury said it was time to go. Their session was 10 minutes of non-stop movement and strength training. Cross gait patterning, core engagement, upper and lower body push-pulls and bunch of vestibular activation to boot. 

Have you tried crawling, swinging, pressing or squatting for 10 minutes? It's not easy. I'm currently on a training program designed by Tim. One of the days has me "playing" with the movements of my choice for 10 minutes. I chose one arm one leg push up progressions, weighted pull-ups and double snatches as my movements. It's over before I know it and solid work's been accomplished. The next time you approach your session, play with it. See how it feels. You'll be surprised by how much you enjoy it and how much work goes down. 

Now go have some fun. 

-Fury out

Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner is a Strength Coach at Five Points Academy in NYC. Coach Fury holds the triple threat as  StrongFirst SFG II, SFL and SFB Instructor. As a DVRT Master Instructor, Fury developed the popular Ultimate Sandbag and Dynamic Strength programs at the gym. Fury is also an assistant Muay Thai Instructor and is involved in hosting workshops at Five Points. You can visit www.coachfury.comfacebook/coachfury or @coachfury to get in contact or learn more about Steve.