Hi, my name is Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner. My friends call me Fury. I’m a proud member of the Ninja Army training staff at Mark Fisher Fitness in New York City. I first fell in love with kettlebells and Ultimate Sandbags as a Muay Thai student at the renowned Five Points Academy in NYC. Through Five Points, I would earn my HKC, RKC and RKC II status. Upon completing my RKC, I had the honor of becoming a Strength Coach at Five Points Academy. My role quickly grew to include hosting, promoting and assisting workshops there. I was also fortunate in getting to travel around assisting and teaching at kettlebell, DVRT, Indian Club and Original Strength Workshops (check the PAST EVENTS page for a full list of where I've taught). 

Now as a Master RKC, a Master DVRT and an Original Strength Instructor, I have an even bigger opportunity to do what I love… teach people about the systems I’m passionate about. My mission is to help folks move well, become resilient, lift heavy stuff and live a long and glorious life. Feel free to email me if you're interested in hosting a DVRT, HKC, RKC or Original Strength workshop.

My roles at MFF include semi-private training, group classes, programming and instructor candidate training. I am also available for private and online training at Fury Industries in Brooklyn, NY and Catalyst SPORT in NYC. 

I’ve been published in Details, the Dragon Door newsletter, the RKC Blog, and the DVRT blog.

I’m here if you have any questions regarding the programs I’m involved with, training, Godzilla movies, etc."

– Fury out

•Private & Semi-Private Training
•Group Instruction
•Fitness Programming
•Online Coaching
• Facility & Home Gym Consulting


RKC Level I & II
DVRT Level I & II
Original Strength
SFG Level I & II
•CICS/Indian Clubs
•TRX Training