Wednesday, March 9, 2016


By Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner
Lead OS Instructor, Master DVRT, MFF Coach, Master RKC

The first OS/DVRT: Dynamic Strength Workshop successfully went down last month. At Dynamic Strength we teach people how to build and load movement patterns using the Original Strength Resets and DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training. While there are no hard and fast rules on which resets work with what type of lifts, I’ve come up with ones that do help. Today, let's do lunge. 

Lunges doesn’t get the love they deserve. Yet lunging is not only a great exercise, it is a basic human movement pattern and tied directly to walking. I’ve also found that people find moves like reverse lunges and split squats incredibly challenging. Why do so many folks struggle with lunging? There could be a plethora of reasons.
We're going to focus on two of the big ones.

The first roadblock people hit with lunging is often balance. An individual may not have the reflexive strength and stability to actually step back on one foot and stand up again while maintaining balance. This is where our focus in Original Strength on the vestibular system comes into play. Our vestibular system (or VS) is responsible for posture, balance and coordination. In one way, the VS allows our mind to know where the body is in space and it keeps us upright and not falling every time we take a step or turn our head.
The next hurdle people hit in lunging is the body/mind connection of actually planting and driving off of the rear foot as well as the lead leg. The rear leg becomes a kickstand in a reverse lunge and less of a driving force. Without a healthy VS system and a competent amount of reflexive stability, it is easy to lose the ability to decelerate their body as the rear foot steps back. On the flip side, while the lead leg is the key player, we need push through the floor with that rear foot to come back to an upright standing position.

What resets do you think will help with these issues?
I'll pick SKIPPING! 
I’ve found that skipping helps strengthen the VS, tie the body together and bring a sense of joy that may offset any stress about lunging. Lunging teaches us to create and absorb force through our feet from the ground up. Skipping also ties our X together nicely and reinforces a strong mind/body connection. 

Once we build a foundation with the reverse lunge the Ultimate Sandbag is an excellent option to load it. The dimension and/or shifting load of the USB make it an ideal implement to enhance our reflexive strength. It’s these USB properties and the application of the DVRT system that make OS and DVRT a match made in heaven.
The next time you or someone you know is having trouble lunging. Have them skip for a bit and see what happens.

Want to learn more? Come to the OS/DVRT: DYNAMIC STRENGTH WORKSHOP during OS Recess Week on May 20!

Register here: OS/DVRT Dynamic Strength

We hope to see you there!

Thanks for your time.


Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner’s superhero headquarters is Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC. Fury’s an Original Strength Lead Instructor, Master DVRT, and a Master RKC . He is available for classes, semi-privates, instructor training and programming at MFF. Check out Instagram@iamcoachfury and Twitter @coachfury for more info.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Original Strength Systems, Fuquay-Varina, NC awards the title of OS Lead Instructor
Tuesday, March 8, 2016 – Ric Garcia and Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner have accepted the offer extended by Original Strength to become the first instructors to be called Lead Instructors. As Lead Instructors, Ric and Steve will play a pivotal role in the development of the OS Certified Coaches seeking to become OS Instructors.
“Ric and Steve have consistently demonstrated not only excellence in their presentations as instructors, but have also demonstrated tremendous heart. They serve and love. These two attributes are the only two requirements we ask of our instructors, along with knowing how to effectively communicate OS as it is intended. We see both of these standards (to love and to serve) shining through them in workshops, their work, their communications and in their smiles. Both have a way of teaching, coaching, and caring, we hope all of our instructors strive to achieve” said Tim Anderson, founder of Original Strength and echoed by Geoff Neupert, co-founder of Original Strength, Dani Almeyda, co-owner of Original Strength and John Usedom, co-owner of Original Strength.
IMG_0112An OS Lead Instructor must have several years of experience using the OS system and teaching it to others in addition to another year of leading at least four OS Pressing RESET Workshops. They must also be OSSA Certified, have participated in the development of OS materials, be active in the OS online community and be willing to mentor and coach other members of the OS Family.
IMG_9756OS is the simplest, easiest to use movement restoration system ever created. People continuously seek a simple and effective way to move better or build strength and OS shows a profoundly simple way to do both. If you want to see for yourself how simple it is to live your life better, get to an OS Pressing RESET Workshop or find an OS Certified Coach trained to administer the Original Strength Screen and Assessment (OSSA) at
Original Strength Systems, located in Fuquay-Varina, NC (Raleigh area) teaches people how to move the way their body was designed to move using the human developmental movement patterns. The company helps people restore their strength, allowing people of all ages and physical abilities to do whatever they do, better! Visit to learn more or contact John Usedom (John at Original