Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Right after nailing the double 44kg (97lb) press, I went for The Beast (48kg/106lb). From the moment I passed my HKC, the Beast Press has been my biggest kettlebell goal. Though I've been able to push-press it, the grind was way off. The damn thing felt insanely heavy. That was then. This is now. It feels great to have gotten this out of the way. You can read more on my training for this in my previous post. Special thanks go to Steve Milles and Emily Bearden for their continued support and motivation. Thanks also go to all of the fellow RKC's that I've learned from. 

The new goal is the double Beast press. 


I got to the RKC II prepared to nail the press. And failed. I was crushed. Things happened so fast. There was very little warm-up and my head got the best of me. I knew I had it and didn't deliver when it counted. It was extremely disappointing. Especially, considering I had about five makes on my phone. 

I got home to NY by 12:30, instructed my 4-5pm kettlebell class and by 5:30 had the 44kg press with both arms done and on youtube. The next morning, I got word from my Team Leader, Phil Scarito, that I had officially passed and was an RKC II. Awesome. 

Now the hard work began. I was going to make the 44kg my bitch. I created a clean & press program for myself involving heavy double kb reps and heavier single kb rep. I would not allow myself to go lower than double 36kg and would not go over 40kg for a month. I could feel myself getting stronger and resisted the urge to pick up the 44kg. I transitioned from my program into Dan John's 40 Day Workout plan. The only change up I made was allowing myself to use double 32kgs due to how often I was pressing. I still left the 44kg untouched. 

Then on the last day of week 1, I was able to clean & press double 40kgs (video in previous post). I knew I had it that day. I was surprised at how easily they went up. It felt great.

I rested a day and the following morning, my gut was telling me that something big was going to go down. It had been about a month since I set my own weight restrictions and I took the training wheels off. I didn't even attempt a single 44 press. I just went straight to the double 44s and nailed it first try. 

The Beast went up immediately after.

Friday, August 12, 2011


I'm psyched on this one. This is the first day I ever tried to clean and press double 40s and it actually came pretty easy. I did 5x1 and then 1x2 with the Double 40s. The clip is of the last 1x2 set. This was part of Day 4 of Dan John's 40 Day Workout. The plan is kicking my ass in a wonderful way. I'm already seeing and feeling results. I plan on trying double 44s in a few weeks.