Tuesday, September 16, 2014


by Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner
Original Strength Instructor, Master DVRT, Senior RKC, MFF Fitness Ninja

The Beast Press. That 48kg/106 pound fickle kettlebell vixen. A couple of years ago, I was able to nail a Beast press about 70% of the time. And then it went away. 

I've been pretty public about the lower back issues I had last year. Forget about a 48kg press, a 40kg suddenly felt insanely heavy. Original Strength played a major role in getting my lower back in order. OS also got me a Beast Press on the right arm earlier ithis year. Now, it's played a big role in reclaiming some lost lifts. 

Two weeks ago, I wrapped an 8 week program that was a combination of OS, DVRT and RKC training. A client had cancelled last minute and I had a little time to get some lifting on. Screw it, I went for the Beast Press. Short on time, I did some OS band resisted rocking and started climbing up the bell ladder. That was my only warmup. Band resisted rocking. As Tim Anderson says, "it will light up your Christmas tree." You can just feel all those stabilizers firing up. And yes, I nailed that Beast press for 3 singles per side. I hadn't gotten that press on the left in almost 2 years. It also felt easier than it ever has before. 
OS has been major game changer for me. We're holding the next (and last on in NYC for over 6 months) Original Strength Foundations 1 Workshop at Mark Fisher Fitness on September 27-28. There are still a few spots open. Whether it's for lifting heavy things, improving your resiliency, reclaiming lost mobility or whatever... come on down and see what OS can do for you. 

Use the code: RESETNYC to save some money. 

I hope to see you there. 

-Fury out