Saturday, January 28, 2012


For the first time, Five Points Academy will be hosting the Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) on Saturday May 5th. The TSC consists of three events: Deadlift (3 attempts at a max lift), pull-ups for reps and the kettlebell snatch for max reps in 5 minutes. There are a total of 6 diffferent classes to choose from. A percentage of the combined pounds/reps will determine your score. Full rules are here: Sign-up begins Monday, January 30th. Registration is open to all Five Points members and Coach Fury's Kettlebell Club. There is a $20 registration fee that includes a limited edition t-shirt, special coaching with Coach Fury and access to a private facebook group forum for questions and training info. This is not about competition with anyone other than yourself. We are all, coaches included, using the TSC as an opportunity to better ourselves. Everyone will have an initial assessment on the three moves at the beginning of training that will allow us to see how far everyone's progressed by the end. You will be expected to train on your own. The initial response has been great. Steve Milles and I look forward to seeing many PRs being set by the crew.

-Fury out

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Coach Fury's Kettlebell kicked off 2012 big at Body Reserve with our largest class yet. The group is a perfect mix of OG club members, their buddies, my friends and clients (that have become friends), people that have found me through Google, Dragon Door or this site. Members are bringing their wives and girlfriends. Now, thanks to Body Reserve, we're also getting gym members checking it out. It's a solid group of individuals and I couldn't be happier. Come and check it out. Let's get Brooklyn swinging.