Saturday, November 3, 2012


No excuses. I've been horrible at updating the site. That's about to change. My emphasis over the summer and fall has been more about education and less about marketing. I've gone to many workshops as both a participant and often as an Assistant Instructor. Quite simply, I'm not the same trainer I was before. I've been fortunate often to learn from and work with many of the greats in the strength game. Folks like Brett Jones, Marty Gallagher, Jeff O'Connor, Kirk Karwoski, Phil Scarito, Gray Cook, Andrea DuCane, Geoff Neupert, David Whitley, John Heinz, Andrea U-Shi Chang, Zar Horton, Dustin Rippetoe and the Dragon Door mastermind himself, John DuCane to name a few. If knowledge is power, then I've hit several PRs this year.

Expect reports, tips, updates and videos in the weeks to come. 

First and foremost, my clients have been killing it!

-Fury out.