Thursday, August 14, 2014


by Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner

Master DVRT, Senior RKC, Original Strength Instructor, MFF Fitness Ninja
Coach Fury Kettlebell Get-UpIt’s time for another fitness tip from your man Fury. The Turkish get-up is one of my all time favorite lifts. The relative simplicity and overall impact of the TGU make it an absolute desert island movement in my book. Few things get me more excited than a beautifully executed TGU (especially when heavy). Sometimes we fall short of beautiful and need to think “out of the box” on how to hit that high standard we strive for. This is whereDynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT) and the Ultimate Sandbag (USB) comes into play.
Coach Fury TGU with Human WeightPersonally, I find the three hardest parts of a get-up (regardless of weight) to be the initial roll to elbow, the half kneeling to stand and the final roll from elbow to your back. Whether it’s a kettlebell, barbell or the occasional human being (not recommended), I usually know I’ll make it (or come close) if I get to the elbow. The half kneel to stand will usually by my next sticking point. The roll back down from the elbow is often more nerve racking from a self preservation standpoint.
I think most will agree with me on these three positions within the TGU sequence. Here are three DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises that will help the cause.
1. Ultimate Sandbag TGU. In the DVRT TGU, the USB is loaded over the shoulder and it will drape over part of the back and chest as you move. Some key points here. Being shoulder loaded removes the leverage generally provided by the locked out arm of the kettlebell TGU. The USB is literally pushing you directly into the floor while sand in the front and back of the USB is pulling downward too. The USB is doing it’s best to keep you on your back. What’s awesome about this, is that you truly have to develop the rolling pattern to get to the elbow. You are forced to get that proper diagonal roll from the shoulder to opposite elbow. Given proper thoracic mobility and the ability to lockout the arm, a kettlebell TGU to elbow will feel easier after nailing this down. This delivers the same payday on the descending elbow to back roll. The USB TGU also removes all fear of dropping a bell on your head while training the roll to and from elbow. Strength+Safety=Glory.
2. USB Lateral Lunges. Damn you sagittal plane! That half kneeling lunge to stand is a stability monster when you’re doing a TGU. Sometimes, instead of stepping back from a problem it is best to step sideways. There are a bunch of killer USB Lateral Lunge exercises and any of them will help with your half kneel to stand. Training your lunges within the frontal plane (side to side) will help you build some untapped stability. Spend some time with USB Lateral Lunges and watch how your half kneel to stand becomes a thing to be feared.
3. Rotational Lunge. This move delivers similar benefits to the lateral lunges but now we’re moving in even more plains of motions. Transverse much yo! This will bullet proof your TGU. Ever feel those legs and hips wobble under a heavy getup? Get good at rotational lunges with a USB and see how they feel know. The RT adds another killer bonus: by snapping the hips similar to a swing, but within a lunge pattern, you will very likely find it easier to simply stand up a helluva lot quicker in your TGU.
Now those are three ways to use DVRT/Ultimate Sandbag Training to help your Turkish get-up. I’d bet these lifts would help your deadliest, squat and press too. Doubt me? Try it. These aren’t meant to be quick fixes or voodoo tricks. Step away from your TGU for 1-3 weeks and focus on one or more of these DVRT exercises. Then check out their impact on your TGU and smile big in the post PR selfie you just took.
Please keep me posted on your progress.
I suggest digging deeper into the DVRT Training system by attending a workshop or one of our certifications.Click here to find dates and locations. Yours truly will be leading a DVRT Level I Cert and an HKC Kettlebell Cert at Kathy Dooley, Joe Boffi and Jason Kapnick’s place Catalyst S.P.O.R.T. in NYC on November 1 and 2nd. You can register for one or both (big discount on both) through the link.
I hope to see you there.
-Fury out
Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner, DVRT Master Instructor, Senior RKC, Original Strength Instructor, is a proud member of the Ninja Army training staff at Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC. Fury is available for classes, semi-privates, instructor training and programming at MFF. He also has availability for private training at Five Points Academy and Catalyst S.P.O.R.T. Check out and Twitter @coachfury for more info.
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