Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I just returned from an amazing weekend in San Diego as a participant in John Du Cane's Marketing Mastermind Intensive aka the MMI. The entire workshop is aimed at arming RKC's with the marketing and selling know-how to build our businesses up. I have to admit that initially I was worried about being at a three day intensive marketing workshop. I've helped brand, sell and run visual effects companies in the past, but I didn't know how to apply that knowledge into the world of fitness. Having just left the ad world six months ago, I arrived with a little trepidation. Was this going to be too long or boring?

Hell no. I wasn't bored for a minute. Tired, yes. The days were long and packed with detailed information. Much of the work was hands on and within groups. Some of the best points came from members within the group. The wisdom that John Du Cane, Nicole Du Cane, Shari Alexander and the others imparted on the group and the relationships and friendships developed were priceless. RKCs are a damn fine group of people to be around. And if you don't know, now you know.

This was the missing key to my success. The MMI may not sound as fun as lifting, pulling and swinging things, but it is equally important to succeed in this business. At the end of the day. It is a business. It just happens to be one we love.

-Fury Out

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Here's what's going on in the world of Fury.

-I have been training Michael for the Connecticut HKC with Master RKC Andrea Du Cane. As expected, he passed and decided to go back the next day for Andrea's RKC Prep Course. Congrats to Michael. I look forward to getting him RKC ready. Andrea will be back at Five Points in February to instruct an HKC and an RKC Recert.

-Josh Henkin of Ultimate Sandbag Training fame has re-programmed and renamed his L.I.F.T. certification program. As a result, Coach Lance Turnbow and I have been elevated to DVRT Level 2 status. Sandbag training is constantly evolving and Lance and I are very proud to be a part of it. 

-The mighty Virna is back after some significant health setbacks. She is one of the most mentally and physically strong people I know. Don't call it a comeback. 

-Andy's domination of the 20kg Clean and Press is complete. He can officially rep it five per side. Huge deal for Andy. Onto the 24kg. 

-Mark, Rachel, Ed and Adrienne are all getting stronger by the week. Adrienne is making a run for the pound for pound strongest woman at Five Points. 

-Lisa continues to amaze herself (and her daughter, Chloe) with her strength gains. There's a healthy mother/daughter competition brewing.Every week she's surprised by finding muscles she never knew she had. Lisa's been with another trainer for years, but she is now seeing how exceptional hard-style kettlebell training is. 

-A few weeks ago, I took Senior RKC John Engum's Flexibility and Mobility Workshop. John is an amazing instructor and I can't recommend this workshop enough. My clients and I have been benefitting from it daily. 

-Greg Rowe dominated Steve Dang of Evolve Martial Arts from MD. Don't mess with Greg in the ring. 

-The first weekend of December is a big one for the Five Points Academy Fight Team. We have four fighters, including the one and only Emily Bearden, fighting in the Friday Night Fights card on 12/2. We also have several fighters, including Greg, in the Warrior's Cup promotion in NJ on 12/3.

-Michelle "Baby Tiger" Bryner will make her debut alongside other members of the fight team at Take On's card on 12/16 in Flushing, NY. 

-Congrats to Jasmine and Jonathan. The lovebirds are now married and enjoying their honeymoon. The pictures of which are making many fellow New Yorkers jealous. 

-The entire crew is getting more technically proficient. The strength gains have been considerable. I now have to haul much heavier bells to class. The kettlebell cart is hitting max capacity. I'm proud of them.

-I'm in the process of finding a new indoor space to keep things going. Stay posted. 

-I'm off to San Diego (Spanish for whale vagina) this week for John Du Cane's Marketing Mastermind Intensive. I've been looking forward to this for weeks now. I'll report in when I'm back.

-Fury out!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Things have been busy in the land of Fury.  If you've been here before, you'll notice that the site has been redesigned. Special thanks to Kristin Koch for helping me out with this. It's a big step up from what it was.

Coach Fury's Kettlebell Club is going strong in Brooklyn. The crew has been killing it weekly. Saturday's at 8am. Come join the fun.

I've completed a round of Dan John's 40 Day Workout Program with great results. Key PRs for me include the double 44kg clean and press, 415lb deadlift, clean and pressing, pistol squatting and doing the Turkish Get-Up with the Beast.

More importantly, I've incorporated elements of the 40 Day into my clients and friends programming. The progress has been excellent. Everyone is benefitting from it. Highlights include:

- Andy's double 20kg press, 2x5 strict pull-ups, and relatively quickly upping his deadlift from 185 to 225 to 265. People have been noticing his gains.
- Lisa's improved movement patterns quickly have her showing great strength gains. She started deadlifting the 12kg and is now easily repping the 28kg. Her swings are also getting stronger every session.
-Ed getting his first set of 5 strict pull-ups. That was a big goal of his.
-Coming off of a back injury, Ben is showing great gains and renewed confidence with improved technique. He's also loving his introduction into the world of kettlebells, sandbags and TRX training.
-If you're a Five Points member you may have noticed that Coach Jose Cruz is quickly becoming (if not already is) one of the pound for pound strongest guys at the gym. His deadlift, clean and pressing and weighted pull-up progress has been ridiculous.

I've also had the pleasure coaching some future HKC and RKCs.
-Michael and I have been nailing down his technique for an upcoming HKC with Master RKC Andrea Du Cane.
-Glyn Wyss came in and recorded his RKC Snatch Test redo. He nailed it and is now officially an RKC. Congrats Comrade.

I'll be attending John Du Cane's Marketing Mastermind Intensive in a couple of weeks.

Stay tuned.