Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Last winter I did at workshop at entirely unique place called Mark Fisher Fitness. It was an amazing experience and I was very impressed by their trainers and their members (aka Ninjas). These kats meant business and wanted to learn, kick-ass and take names. Well, sign me-up! As of June 1, I am beyond stoked to call MFF home. I'll be getting my hands dirty in group classes, semi-private training and programming. How could I go wrong with a place that has the motto of "Ridiculous Humans. Serious Fitness" and uses unicorns as their mascot? I'm excited to bring my own blend of heavy metal kaiju love to the clubhouse. It's going to be fantastic.

I will always love Five Points Academy and will still be there for private, semi-private training and workshops. 

Check out all the glory that is Mark Fisher Fitness HERE.

You can also book classes and semi-privates directly HERE

Awesomeness awaits!

-Fury out

Friday, May 9, 2014


Company Logo
Senior RKC Steve Holiner
I am proud to announce that Steve Holiner has accepted the position of
Senior RKC with Dragon Door. I have tremendous respect for Steve,
personally, and am sure he will be an extraordinary addition to our already
powerful leadership.

Here is Steve on Steve:

"Hi, my name is Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner. My friends call me Fury.
I’m a proud member of the Ninja Army training staff at Mark Fisher
Fitness in New York City. I first fell in love with kettlebells and Ultimate
Sandbags as a Muay Thai student at the renowned Five Points Academy
in NYC. Through Five Points, I would earn my HKC, RKC and RKC II status.

Upon completing my RKC, I had the honor of becoming a Strength Coach
and, for a time, an Assistant Muay Thai Instructor at Five Points. My role
quickly grew to include hosting, promoting and assisting workshops there. I’m
also fortunate in that I get to travel around the Northeast assisting and teaching
at kettlebell, DVRT, Indian Club and Original Strength Workshops.

Now as a Senior RKC and DVRT Master Instructor, I have an even bigger opportunity to do what I love… teach people about the systems I’m passionate
about. As a CK-FMS, CICS and Original Strength Specialist my mission is to
help folks move well, become resilient and get them to lift heavy stuff.

I’ve been published in the Dragon Door newsletter, the RKC Blog, the
DVRT blog and my own website coachfury.com. Words cannot express
how happy I am to represent the RKC and Dragon Door as a Senior RKC.
I’m here if you have any questions regarding the programs I’m involved with,
training, Godzilla movies, etc."
– Fury out