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Primal Movement Workout Credited To Reducing Pain

July 4, 2013, 6:17 PM by Hailey Higgins 
Primal Movement Workout Credited To Reducing Pain
A Sioux Fall personal trainer is bringing a new exercise movement to KELOLAND and it all centers on our earliest movements we made as children.
Primal Movement focuses on playful training to build strength, lose weight and reduce pain. The trend is part of an overall shift to back-to-basics health philosophies. The workout is nothing like you've ever seen or done before in the gym. With signature moves like panther, crab and gorilla, the evolutionary workout has made a big difference in the life of Dr. Luis Rojas.
"At first you feel kind of silly, like this is not going to get it done, but after you do it for a couple weeks, you understand it," Rojas said.
In a typical day, the Avera cancer surgeon is in back-to-back surgeries that took a toll his back. The pain was so intense he was headed under the knife himself.
"I tried everything," Rojas said. "Medication, physical therapy, you name it. Visiting with doctors they said, if it doesn't get better in three months, you're going to need surgery. I was really trying to avoid that."
That's when Corey Howard pushed him to Primal Movement. The workout uses your own body weight for strength training while reintroducing our body to movements we learned as infants.
"It goes back to what we did early as kids. There are a lot of early childhood development patterns that we lose as adults. We have to tap back into those movement patterns that we still known and have, they are just deep in the file cabinet. We just have tap back in and use them again," Howard said.
Now after just a few weeks, Rojas says these movements have reduced his pain to the point where he no longer relies on medication.
"The big thing that we're seeing is pain free movement. People are functioning, they're losing weight; they feel better. It's just working and they're only using their own body weight," Howard said.
And while it may look like a game, Rojas says the results are serious.
"I'm a physician. I believe in medicine and conventional medicine but this has really helped me and helped me avoid a major surgery," Rojas said.
Howard says it does take a few weeks for your body to get comfortable with the movements we learned as children.
If you'd like more information on the primal movement workout, go to Howard’s personal training blog.

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